A company leading the life cycle of hydrogen

We provide a full-cycle solution from hydrogen production to utilization

HnPower is constantly working to advance the hydrogen society.

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HnPower has been strengthening its R&D capabilities in the hydrogen fuel cell field
by continuously carrying out government tasks.

HnPower Fuel Cell for Power Generation
HnPower Fuel Cell for Ships

HnPower Fuel Cell for Ships

Possible to replace diesel generator
in VLCC (Very Large Crude Carrier) or LNGC (LNG Carrier)
by achieving emission reduction effect by using SOFC System in Emission Control Zone

HnPower Fusion Complex Hydrogen Refueling Station
HnPower Railway Hydrogen Refueling Station

Railway Hydrogen Refueling Station

It is possible to reduce carbon emissions by more than 50% by replacing electric railway vehicles and diesel vehicles

HnPower Smart E Community

Smart E Community Station

We provide convergence energy solutions through hydrogen life cycle technology (production ~ storage ~ utilization).