A new society created by hydrogen

Hydrogen, a new energy that breaks the frame of existing energy

HnPower is constantly striving to create a hydrogen society that saves the earth

New Energy Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the most common energy source, accounting for 75% of the cosmic matter, with element period 1

long – term energy carrier storage is possible, and after generating heat and electricity,

only pure water (H2O) is generated as a by-product, making  energy eco – friendly.

Korea, a resource – poor country that does not produce even a drop of oil

Now is the time to upgrade our technology to become an energy powerhouse

A global problem to solve

Global Warming Threat

Virus Threat

Unemployment Problem

Hydrogen is the solution to the current problems

The ecosystem is collapsing due to fine dust and global warming,
and the resulting virus overflow has become a daily routine for modern people.
In addition, unemployment due to the 4th industrial revolution is threatening our lives.

If we were to ask that the three main problems we face be solved in just one way,

hydrogen would certainly be an alternative.