A company leading the life cycle of hydrogen

We provide a full-cycle solution from hydrogen production to utilization

HnPower is constantly working to advance the hydrogen society.

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A company that provides hydrogen life cycle solutions

Hello. I am Kang In-yong, CEO of H&Power, Inc.

H&Power was established in 2009 based on KAIST's hydrogen extraction and SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) technology.

We continue to develop the reformers that require advanced technologies, including diesel reforming technology, based on accumulated technology, we are a specialized company that provides optimized solutions such as various type of fuel cells and hydrogen charging solutions.

Through the launch of EnerBlock and the development of a scalable, high-efficiency modular SOFC system for power generation, we plan to develop a 10kW SOFC in 2021 and a 20kW SOFC in 2022. We plan to build a diversified portfolio by 2023.

Along with the expansion of the product portfolio, the company is also preparing to expanding production capacity. we will secure production capacity of fuel cells for power generation and fuel cells for buildings by securing annual 5MW-class manufacturing facilities in 2022 and 20MW-class manufacturing facilities in 2024.

Currently, we plans to launch a hydrogen charging solution for portability by connecting a 10Nm3/h hydrogen extractor with a small charging package system.

Above all, we aim to build a new convergence smart E community based on hydrogen total solutions from hydrogen production to utilization technology. We will lead to efficiently produce and use hydrogen, an eco-friendly future energy.