A company leading the life cycle of hydrogen

We provide a full-cycle solution from hydrogen production to utilization

HnPower is constantly working to advance the hydrogen society.

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Vision of HnPower



Starting with city gas, we want to take the lead in saving the earth by extracting hydrogen from diesel and heavy oil as well as biogas and waste oil using waste plastics.



Through KAIST's advanced eco-friendly technology, we want to benefit the world and reduce carbon to create a better life.



We want to create a hydrogen economy and create new jobs through the realization of future virtual power plants and convergence eco-friendly cities.

HnPower is constantly striving to move toward a true hydrogen society.

HnPower is working together with three main goals for the future. First, a vision to save the earth by creating a hydrogen society; second, a vision to prevent environmental pollution by reducing carbon and live a better life for animals and plants; and finally, a vision to foster hydrogen-related industries in a period of rapid decline. Job. We do not sell products, but we want to share the dream of an eco-friendly future.

HnPower Leading environmental issues with technology that covers the entire process from hydrogen extraction to utilization

HnPower is the only company in the world with the technology to extract hydrogen by reforming liquid raw materials. It is possible to extract not only light city gas but also heavy marine oil, obtain energy from waste such as biogas, and produce clean oil using waste. We aim to solve environmental problems with technologies that not only extract hydrogen but also utilize hydrogen in various ways.