A company leading the life cycle of hydrogen

We provide a full-cycle solution from hydrogen production to utilization

HnPower is constantly working to advance the hydrogen society.

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Birth of HnPower

HnPower Now

It is a company that has been continuously developing technology for a leap to a hydrogen society since 2009. H&Power produces hydrogen with its own technology and dreams of using that energy for various businesses such as virtual power plants and smart E-community.

Detailed history

"The production & utilization of H
is set as the business purpose."

[ 2009 ]

Established HnPower, Inc.
Venture company certification

"Extract H from all raw materials"

Securing H extraction technology from gasoline

[ 2010 ]

Established corporate research institute
Defense Science Research Institute "Development of 1.5kW PEMFC system for military command" - Selected as a gasoline reformer prototype manufacturer

[ 2013 ]

Won order for 'EGR-gasoline reformer technology development' project by K-Hyundai Motor Namyang Research Center

[ 2014 ]

Civil-Military Cooperation Foundation "Development of 1kW gasoline reformer for commercial vehicle auxiliary power through technology transfer of military gasoline reformer"

Securing H extraction technology from diesel

[ 2010 ]

Supplied KEPCO Research Institute, KIST Metal Municipal Cell, Diesel Oil Reformer

[ 2011 ]

Saudi Aramco, Export diesel reformer atomizer

[ 2015 ]

Participated in Hannover Industrial Fair, Germany
Ministry of Industry, "Development of PEMFC system using 25kW diesel fuel for construction" - Selected as a participating institution for diesel reformer development

Securing H extraction technology from city gas

[ 2011 ]

Ministry of Industry, "Green Home SOFC System Development System" Selected as a participating organization for the development of city gas steam reformer

"make electricity with H"

[ 2013 ]

Selected as the host organization for "300kW class MCFC diesel fuel pretreatment desulfurizer technology development" by the Ministry of Industry

Developed a PEMFC

[ 2010 ]

Defense Science Research Institute, PEMFC 1kW system development
Developed and delivered 25 prototypes of fuel cell power generation system to Defense Science Research Institute

Developed a SOFC

[ 2011 ]

Completed development of 3kW SOFC
Ministry of Knowledge Economy Green Home SOFC Fuel Cell System Development Project

[ 2016 ]

Korea Electric Power Research Institute, "Development of SOFC 3/10/20kW fuel cell BOP system for buildings" - Selected as a business operator

[ 2019 ]

Organized by the Ministry of Industry, "Development of scalable, high-efficiency modular SOFC system for power generation"

Developed a desulfurization technology

[ 2013 ]

Selected as the host organization for "300kW class MCFC diesel fuel pretreatment desulfurizer technology development" by the Ministry of Industry

To be the best player in the SOFC Field

Founded in 2009 based on KAIST's excellent technology, it has built world-class hydrogen fuel cell technology.
We have all the technologies from catalysts required for reforming to reactors, desulfurization devices and evaluation devices, focusing on small fuel reformers that reform various fuels into hydrogen. We lead companies by taking the lead in making the world a hydrogen society.