HnPower's products and technology covering the entire hydrogen cycle

Product. 1

Hydrogen Generator

Hydrogen Generatior Hy-G ™

Hydrogen generator is a technology that thermochemically extracts hydrogen contained in city gas. H&Power has secured technology to extract hydrogen from various recycling/waste materials as well as city gas.



Product. 2

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell EnerBlock™ 3kW

Solid oxide fuel cells have the highest power generation efficiency among fuel cells, and business expansion in connection with power brokerage services is possible through distributed/virtual power generation using fuel cells for buildings.


Capacity expansion : 20kW

Product. 3

Hydrogen Refueling Plant

We provide charging modules suitable for field conditions by utilizing technology to build small mobility charging stations such as hydrogen forklifts and hydrogen trains.

Power to Gas & LOHC

HnPower's technology is also in the construction of P2G and LOHC facilities to produce, store and utilize green hydrogen.