A new society created by hydrogen

Hydrogen, a new energy that breaks the frame of existing energy

HnPower is constantly striving to create a hydrogen society that saves the earth.

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Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell

A hydrogen fuel cell is a small power generation device that generates electricity by reacting supplied hydrogen with oxygen in the air. This device consists only of a cathode to which hydrogen gas is supplied, an electrolytic membrane through which hydrogen cations pass, and an anode to which oxygen is supplied, so the principle and structure are simple.

Advantages of fuel cells

HnPower has been developing fuel cells continuously since its foundation. Fuel cells have high efficiency due to a simple conversion process and are eco-friendly as the only by-product is water. In addition, compared to other renewable energy sources, the installation area is small and distributed power generation is possible.

High efficiency

The conventional power generation method mainly goes through the conversion process of chemical Energy → thermal Energy → mechanical Energy → electricity Energy, whereas fuel cells are directly converted into chemical Energy → electricity Energy, which is excellent in terms of power generation efficiency and device configuration efficiency.


Even if hydrogen is produced by reforming fossil fuels, the efficiency is excellent, so the CO2 emission is about 45% lower than that of thermal power generation. In addition, since only eco-friendly water is produced as a by-product, it can be an alternative to nuclear power generation, which is a risky product.

Small installation area

With the same amount of power generation, the installation area is smaller than other renewable energy sources. It occupies 70 times less area than solar power generation.

Distributed power generation

The biggest advantage of distributed power generation is that it can be manufactured in a small size. Therefore, it can be applied in a variety of ways, from small-scale mobile power generation to large-scale political power generation. Commercialization is actively underway worldwide.

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