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HnPower is constantly working to advance the hydrogen society.

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Patent status and awards

Technology Patent Status

HnPower has secured R&D and source/application patents for technology development and commercialization since its establishment in 2009 to enter the hydrogen society.

Reforming sector


Circular auto thermal reformer for solid oxide fuel cells

Application No. 2012-0065342 / Registration No. 10-13511859-0000


Plate type steam reformer for solid oxide fuel cell using natural gas

Application No. 2012-0052785 / Registration No. 10-1387856-0000


Heat exchanger-type reactor having plates coated with different catalysts

Application No. 2014-0167258 / Registration No. 10-1632119-0000


Steam reformer integrated with pre-heater

Application No. 2015-0092175 / Registration No.10-1832033-0000


Reformer system of underwater moving body and the managing method

Application No. 2015-0127030 / Registration No. 10-1717855-0000


Expandible multi-channel cylindrical steam reforming reactor

Application No. 2019-0037848 / Registration No. 10-2235664-0000


Fuel reformer comprising sprayind device,
sprayer usedin the fuel reformer and fuel reforming method

Application No. 2006-0022717 / Registration No. 10-0853393-0000


Fuel reformer and reforming method

Application No. 2008-0027194 / Registration No. 10-0952606-0000


Unified fuel processing reactor for solid oxide fuel cell

Application No. 2008-0105272 / Registration No. 10-0981109-0000


Fuel processing method for solid oxide fuel cell system

Application No. 2008-0105294 / Registration No. 10-1077929-0000

Stack sector


Fabrication method of metal supported solid oxide fuel cell

Application No. 2010-0033163/ 등록번호 10-1146349-0000


A fuel cell with metal-paste and the method for manufacturing a fuel cell with metal-paste

Application No. 2010-0058472 / Registration No. 10-1155747-0000


Porous-Metal supported SOFC and methods for manufacturing the same

Application No. 2012-0013447 / Registration No. 10-1207122-0000


Solid oxide fuel cell

Application No. 2008-0088071 / Registration No. 10-1008212-0000


Fabrication method of metal-supported solid oxide fuel cells

Application No. 2008-0117631 / Registration No. 10-1020742-0000


Method for manufacturing metal supported solid oxide cell based upon interconnect and metal supported solid oxide cell manufactured by the same

Application No. 2013-0053638 / Registration No. 10-2013-0053638

System sector


Heat exchanger for fuel reformer of fuel cell system and ATO assembly with the same

Application No. 2015-0015928 / Registration No. 10-1758716-0000

[Te be registed]

Fuel cell system with Function of independent load operation at abnormal grid situation

Application No. 2019-0154553 / To be registed


Solid oxide fuel cell system integrated with reformer

Application No. 2008-0073354 / Registration No. 10-0952604-0000


A vibration generator and a polymer electroyte membrane fuel cell
with a water remoning structure using the vibration generator

Application No. 2007-0013441 / Registration No. 10-0803250-0000


Solid oxide fuel cell system

Application No. 2009-0002379 / Registration No. 10-0987823-0000


A burner integrated reformer and a fuel cell system comprising the same

Application no. 2018-0152106 / Registration No. 10-2018-0152106

Basic/Other sector


Apparatus for coating catalytic activated material to honeycomb element

Application No. 2015-0174776 / Registration No. 10-1768189-0000


Fabrication method of bar-shaped multi-purposed catalyst and the catalyst with same method

Application No. 2014-0074840 / Registration No. 10-1641212-0000


Catalyst for monolith fuel-cell and method for manufacturing the same

Application No. 2012-0112931 / Registration No. 10-1459191-0000


Catalyst for fuel cell and manufacturing method for the same

Application No. 2012-0030156 / Registration No. 10-1372118-0000


Slurry for adhesive layer of metal-supported solid oxide fuel cells

Application No. 2008-0117656 / Registration No. 10-2010-0059030


Manufacturing method of anode for solid oxide fuel cell, anode , and solid oxide fuel cell

Application No. 2007-0072543 / Registration No. 10-0874110-0000


Fabrication method of anode and electrolyte in solid oxide fuel cell

Application No. 2007-0073847 / Registration No. 10-0858423-0000


Operation method for desulfurization system using multiple processing steps

Application No. 2017-0091903 / Registration No. 10-1956106-0000


Block Reactor (Trademark registration)

Application No. 2017-0091903 / Registration No. 40-1163135-0000

Transfer of KAIST's original technology

HnPower received the original technology related to liquid fuel reforming and SOFC from KAIST. We are performing various tasks with our own technology accumulated over 10 years.

Awards and Certifications


KAIST EEWS Won the grand prize in the business planning competition
Denmark 'Serenergy', technology/business cooperation contract and R&D joint development agreement


Selected as an excellent green energy company by Hankook Ilbo


invited to Hannover Industrial Fair , Germany


Invited to FC EXPO exhibition Tokyo, Japan


Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Selected as a participating organization for the project "Development of by-product gas-based CO2 reduction hybrid reduced steel amplification and reforming technology"


Small and medium-sized enterprises (Inno-Biz) certification
Daejeon, Promising Small and Medium Business Certification